When printing on brushed aluminium its necessary we print a double layer of inks to support and achieve our high quality colour expectations.
Being able to print white inks means all our prints are finished full colour.

This material offers a distinctly luminescent effect that brilliantly shows off through the inks, unmatched in any other media we offer and on offer in the market for the features and applications available!

These attractive metallic display boards are slightly textured in appearance and have a huge range of applications including; signage, retail displays, exhibition and event displays, shop fit outs, interior design, point of sale and point of purchase displays.

Brushed Aluminium composite panel boards are extremely durable and rigid while also offering low weight and high levels of weather corrosion resistance, making them an exceptional choice for outdoor use.

Beyond that they can be used to fabricate 3D designs by routering bending and folding the material.



Brushed Aluminium – Key Feature

  • Lightweight
  • Extremely rigid & stable
  • Easy to work with/fabricate
  • Attractive metallic finish
  • High resistance to weather and corrosion
  • Low thermal expansion
  • Double layer Print to support high quality colours
  • can be Form Cut
  • Loads of applications


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