Standee’s are traditionally die cut images that have a strut or flat base allowing it to stand freely. These are generally a direct selling point of your brand , ie. celebrity endorsement, life size cut outs of aspects that represent your brand.ie (apple could have an iPhone etc..)

Standees can also be used as directional signage pointing people toward or into your exhibition.
We mostly use foamboard and Corflute to create these and can forme cut almost any shape. These are mainly an add on to trade signage to show an increased brand identity.

These are fantastic to show off a new product or highlight an old one. Sampling units and Demonstration Booths give your customers the opportunity to judge if and how they could use or create with your product and gives you a chance to show off all the positive reasons consumers would need or want your product.
We can help you set your artwork up for production or can create the die line and cut paths for your artwork ourselves

Dump Bins
for small products that have trouble standing out these dump bins can make a large impact on your audience
being able to display your product in a custom design bin means locating is made easier and the smaller things get bigger.

Digitally printed Floor Graphics
Digital printing on carpet is fairly new, but offers a greatly unique way of advertising.
Whether small or large floor graphics are a great way to grab your customers attention and stand out from the competition.