Forme Cutting is an option we have available for most substrates
pricing varies depending on your specific shapes so request a quote today for your custom shapes and sizes

A cnc router is a computer controlled cutting machine, used to cut various hard materials such as woods, steel, aluminium, composite panels, plastics and foams

With our machine we can cut every material listed on our website to any custom shape.



Form Cut Outs




  • 3D SHAPES 

We can forme cut out almost any substrate !

and can happily recommend media’s for different finishes and applications

Form Cut outs are used to fabricate 2 dimensional and 3 dimensional shapes. 3D shapes are achieved by routing, folding and bending substrates to conform to the required 3D object, Sometimes we merge media’s together to make something totally different all together.

With this machinery we can create cut paths to in turn form any shape our hearts desire!

If you know nothing about setting up a cut path or die line as they are called, DO NOT STRESS! this is our job and our team of professionals are happy to assist to ensure your cut outs and required shapes are achieved with no hassle!


Outdoor Applications

June 20, 2018
      Form Cut out Aluminium composite panel sheets for industrial outdoor applications!  ...

Form Cut outs

October 17, 2016
.container { width: 100%; }            Teddy Bears Form Cut Out!...

Vinyl Cut Lettering

October 17, 2016
Welcome Spring racing in vinyl cut lettering! 👏🔠 🐴🍃🌺🐴🍃🌺🐴🍃🌺🐴🍃🌺🐴🍃🌺🐴 💗💜💙💚💛❤️💗💜💙💛💚❤️💗💜💙💚❤️   #melbourne #cup #spring #signage...

Brushed Aluminium

October 17, 2016
BRUSHED ALUMINIUM   When printing on brushed aluminium its necessary we print a double layer...