Poster Printing is being more and more overlooked in display industries with people choosing to promote their brands or business’s digitally.
At Kookaburra Big Picture we believe there is nothing more effective than a standard poster print to display you brands promotions and offers.

We have different options of quality available to suit all promotions and occasions

For photographs and heavily detailed posters we have a photo quality finish option of 720dpi and 1440dpi resolutions, dpi referring to the dots-per-inch making up the print resolution.
The Higher the dpi the higher the quality will be.

We can always advise if 720 or 1440 dpi printing is necessary just send your files over and ask!

Our standard printing is performed using UV Stabilized Inks on our Premium FlatBed printer and roll to roll printers. Resolution is 540dpi which is suitable for any job not requiring fine text or photographic detail.